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FC-26B Flash Diffuser for Canon 430EX II/430EX
BRAND:Canon Speedlite Flash
NAME:FC-26B Flash Diffuser for Canon 430EX II/430EX
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JJC FC-26B Diffuser for Canon Speedlite 430EX(II)

Diffuser for better flashlight photos
A diffuser provides a better image quality in indoor and portrait photography. It softens the harsh flash and creates a better distribution of light. The illumination is softer, more natural and more even. In addition it reduces background shadows, reflections and the red-eye-effect.

Does not affect the TTL-metering
The diffuser reduces the range of the flash, but doesn't affect the TTL metering so that it calculates a sufficient flash exposure.  

Technical Details:
Material: plastic
Inner Dimensions: approx. 7,2 x 4cm

Canon Speedlite 430EX(II)