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LH-83G Lens Hood for Canon EW-83G
BRAND:Canon Lens
NAME:LH-83G Lens Hood for Canon EW-83G
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JJC LH-83G Lens Hood for Canon EW-83G

Sturdy plastic lens hood for protection against stray light

This lens hood blocks stray light and in this way prevents image flaws like lens flares as well as poor contrast which e.g. could be caused by reflexions from the lens frame.

Bayonet mount for easy application

Due to the bayonet mount the lens hood is easy to apply. It has a matted inside for perfectly absorbing stray light and can also be mounted backwards for the use as a transport protection.

Technical Details:

Material: plastics
Colour: black


for Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6LIS USM